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Day 7 - Sept. 18

From Dave's Journal:

     We raised anchor at 6:30 am, were out the Bora Bora Pass at 7:35 am, and inside the Tahaa Pass at 11:15 am. We tied up at the dock at Chez Louise Restaurant in Tiva (Utuone Bay) at 12:15 pm. After aperitif, lunch (a nice salad), and nap/reading time, a run-about from the restaurant took us to the reef for snorkeling. We moved the boat from the dock to a mooring and then the crew treated Dan & Ronnie to dinner at the restaurant. (Dan and Ronnie had treated the crew earlier in the trip.) We had a nice dinner with lots of wine. A highlight of the evening was Yoram miming our snorkeling adventures.  
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